About Nahal-e-Mehrabani


Monadian-Rahmat is an NGO charity that has been devoted to serving people in economically deprived areas of Iran since 2010. In the Nahal-e-Mehrabani project, Monadian-Rahmat intends to plant date palm trees in lands owned by trustworthy youth in deprived areas in the south-east of Iran. This project aims to both provide sustainable income for locals and to help in fighting the short-term effects of poverty in the region. It also has positive effects on the environment.

How it Works
The land-owner becomes the owner of the palm tree. However, he commits to allocating 10 percent of the yearly product of each tree to the poor or for the public benefit for the rest of his life. This starts from about six years after planting the sapling when the date palm starts to bear fruit. These conditions are written on a number plate attached to each tree.

Monadian-Rahmat makes annual visits to the lands and prepares and publishes reports about the progress of the project.

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The purpose of planting seedlings


  • Divine Rewards
  • A lasting gift to friends
  • Divine gift for our dead
  • Birthday gift
  • Employment
  • helping poor
  • Help clean the air
  • Make the environment more beautiful

Samples of planted seedlings